A simple uptime monitor isn't enough.

Have a look at what we offer:

Uptime Monitoring

Know before your users do when your website is down

Website is monitored from several regions across the globe & you are alerted the moment your website is unreachable.

True picture on how much downtime you are having. Don't be in dark!

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Certificate Monitoring

SSL/TLS Certificates

We stay on top of monitoring your certificate health. Don't let an expired certificate catch you by surprise.

Trust us to notify you on important events related to your certificate validity without needing to understand the jargon.

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Vulnerability Scanner

Just having a green padlock is not enough

Your SSL can very well be vulnerable to attacks even if you see a green padlock in your browser.

Don't let a misconfiguration cost you business. Stay protected from hackers.

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Mixed Content Monitoring

Content validation

Loading HTTP content on an HTTPS site is blocked in most browsers as it poses a security risk.

This results in either a broken site or compromises security, if loaded.

Our scan will list out all pages that are loading resources insecurely.

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Instant Alerts

Stay on top of things with realtime alerts.

Once setup, you can relax knowing that we have your back!

We would alert you if something happens that need your attention.

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Email Reports

Weekly Email Reports

How did the site do over the last week?

Just check the email report to get the whole picture.

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